Fatal Frame 2 Review (By Kageydoughnut)

Fatal Frame 2 Review

Alright for starters lets just say this game is not for those who are easily frightened other wise you’ll be pausing the game every 5 seconds. Anyways the basic plot for this game is you and your sister get trapped in a village that has disappeared from society, and your trying to get out of the village. Some bad things happened in this village and your stuck with the camera obscura once again battling off ghosts that frequently attack you.

Gameplay: The gameplay has changed vastly since the first game, for example in the first game you would just have to wait till your camera charged up, but in this game each ghost has a different distance you need to snap their picture at, or just wait till they attack. The upgrade system is also very unique, its more balanced than the first game since you use spirit orbs to upgrade. Also the special abilities you acquire are very useful when they are upgraded.

Sound: The music in this game is similar to the first game but the actual sounds of the ghosts are more life like in this game. For instance if a ghost is behind you it will actually sound as if they are behind you which adds a very creepy element to the game.

Overall: This is an excellent addition to the franchise probably one of the best yet, and if you were a fan of the first game you will definitely love this game.



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