Annoyed Rant Inc.


                                                                          So after trying to post another guitar cover on Youtube for the last 3 hours I come to the conclusion its not meant to be. I did a cover of Silversun Pickups ‘Little Lover’s So Polite’ and its immediately blocked due to copy righted material. Now after trying to re-upload without the song and just my guitar part I still get shot down. Credit was given to the band and I gave my petty retort about how I was doing it for free and wasn’t using it to gain money or any profit. Still nothing. The fact is I total see why its getting shut down and taken off Youtube. Copyrighted material is Copyrighted material. Its as simple as that. But what gets me is that I have two other covers that have been up for months and they survived. And they are by far more popular and well known as songs. IG Panic Switch being in a movie trailer and what not. I have to say I’m grateful that they are still up, and I thank everyone who watched and liked it. But there just seems to be a weird system about how things work on Youtube. Sure there are millions of other videos with copyrighted material  and they are still up, but I just feel screwed.

Anyways I know my argument is invalid because its pointless and I can QQ all I want and it will never change. I just felt like getting this off my mind because I know I’m 100% wrong. Its just odd to me. 

WELP! Thanks for reading if you got the the QQ’ing-ness about it. 

Stay classy internet.        


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