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I’m Broke, But The Nerd In Me Is Super Stoked

I can’t believe I just dropped $100 bucks for this….

I’m excited beyond words. Only selling 500 of these packages and I’ll have one.

My brother picked up one of the limited Seasick Vinyls. So I felt that I needed this.

I’m a nerd. I’ll be waiting by the front door.


9 thoughts on “I’m Broke, But The Nerd In Me Is Super Stoked”

  1. Man, i was gonna, just for the book & the signed photo & that lyric sheet, but i dont get my check till the 1st & im sure the’ll be gone by then..& dont have a record player :((( even that aside i would still like to have one..there still available the 1st, im ordering

    1. Thats the main reason I got it. I want the signed stuff haha. Well hopefully they don’t sell out. I’ll be wishing they don’t for your sake.

  2. sorry so many reply’s but im having one of my “manic days” ..why does wanting “THIS”, i mean “THE ULTIMATE SSPU PACKAGE” make ya a “nerd” lol ???…. you are far from that in my book my friend!!

    1. Well, I dropped $100 bucks on a music package. I NEVER do that. Never really understood why people did it, but I guess I just have such a connection with SSPU that I get it now.

  3. so clue me in here, lol..i post a comment & if you reply, i only see it in my email?? nowhere on here?? new to using your page on here, sorry…im not the most computer literate person in the world lol haha! Thanks Dylan!

  4. Alls cool, man, its showin’ up now, just didnt give ya time to respond is all lol..im such a space cadet sometimes ;P
    Thanks, im keepin’ my finger’s crossed but thats 4 more days & the vid or whatever on youtube is already at 60 some thousand..there better known than say 3 years ago so…but, ya never know??? maybe my lucky day..have to wait & see..
    i havent created a page on here yet, but this is workin’ fine


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