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DylJamesTV2.0 [Vlog 45]

“Times they are a-changin”

I’ve realized that what we have been doing is sub par, if that. We have been lazy, and have been getting into a bad habit of not really caring about content and what we actually upload. So, starting today things change. This is now officially DylJamesTV2.0. Granted we are still doing Vlogs, but they are going back to the old days when it was fun and not just us sitting in my room talking to a camera on a tripod. I set out making this channel to be a life vlog. Not a “Lets talk to a camera about nothing for 4 minutes and upload whatever..” channel.

Sorry the past month has been crappy. Lets have some fun…_d

One of these days I’m going to get a good thumbnail…Its bound to happen….right?


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