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Day 36 | Recollection

The past week of my life has been absolutely amazing. So many exciting events happened that I will never forget.

I got to see Silversun Pickups play in Dallas with one of my best friends. At that show I met Nikki Monninger, who actually knew who I was. She saw one of my acoustic covers, and said that it was very good. She remembered my face, and knew my name. It blew me away.

Nick and I also got to talk to Brian Aubert after the show. He was so funny.

Then the next day I drove six hours to Arkansas to meet up with the always wonderful Allison. We got to know each other thanks to a DylJamesTV cover. So it was fitting that we got to see a Silversun Pickups show together. We showed up early and got fantastic spots in the venue. Right up front, and we got to meet every single member of SSPU after the show.

So this is just a little picture/video montage. I’m planning on doing a sit-down vlog where I go into complete detail on what happened at the two shows. Keep an eye out for that.



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